Sunday, 12 June 2016


Have decided to fly fish for perch this season a bit more than I have done before and felt it was time to do something about that.
Weather was better than forecasts promised and I went out in a light breeze,sun came out from the clouds every now and then,it was a bit windy but still decided to grab two setups with me, a #7 weight and a #9 weight just in case,well...I had some pike flies with me too.
This time I was out all alone.Because I had no clue about proper Perch fishing I decided to paddle on areas I thought could be good and just fish from a drifting yak.
When I reached some open water I noticed that with my casting technique I could forget using the 7 weight rod and fish with the nine weight instead,wind was really about to increase now.

Came to the first area and started to fish,got a 6-7 cm flashy streamer at the end at the line,it felt so easy to cast after all those big pike flies.
Fished close to a area where we  had caught many pikes so naturally I used trace wire too which came to use just minutes after I started to fish,noticed immediately it was a pike that shown some interest in my small streamer....

Don't know....Should I be happy or not,after all I was fishing for perch....
Anyway...fished this area for a while but without any contacts from neither perch or pike so I decided to move a bit further,actually to a pike spot but thought it could be a good place for perch too,third cast and boom,not surprisingly it was a pike again...and again....and again,felt strange,fishing was good,only wrong species hitting my fly

Just before I thought it would be nice to take a coffee break someone hit my fly with bad intensions and a small but angry and strong jack decided to do some harm to me,water was warm so I wan't to keep fights short and I forced the pike closer so I could grab the leader but this little bugger decided to do a angry run straight downward which ended up in a BANG when my rod broke,ended up to fight this fish with a two ft long rod tip,managed to land the fish anyway...

NOW it was a good time to take the break,after all I needed to pile up my reserve rod....
Said and done....

While drinking my second cup of coffee it started to rain and also noticed that the wind went harder every minute,in fact it was so hard I for a second thought to quit fishing and get back to the shore but because I knew I will have some tail wind on my way back I decided to go on.
Paddled a short way against the wind and even if this yak is one of the best I have paddled it was tough,so hard I was almost giving up but managed to reach the area I had in mind,a slightly shelter area were I was to spent the rest of the day.
Fished a long reed bank when the wind suddenly really went hard,so hard the waves rolled over the yak on and on so Decided to drag my ass to shore and wait for the wind to take off.
This break last for almost one and a half hour,eat my food and drink my coffee and decided there was no idea to continue so I fished some spots on my way back,this time I had some pikes in mind.

Except this I landed a lot of smaller jacks on my way back.
The way back was most steering the yak because of the strong tail wind.
Had mixed up feelings about this trip,had pretty good fishing even if I failed to land a single perch,but a amount of about fifteen pikes still made me longing out as soon as possible.

Need to find some time and inspiration to edit all video material from this trip,while waiting you can laugh to this...

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